WoodSpur Stainless Steel Decking Screws (Tub 250)

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Woodspur 5 x 60mm Decking Screws are made from A2 stainless steel, chosen for its anti-corrosion properties. These screws are unaffected by both the weather and the salts used in the tanalising process. The design has a non-threaded section on the shank. The effect of this is to pull the decking board tightly down onto the joist below. The upper section of thread then locks the board in place. A sharp penetrating tip effectively cuts its own pilot hole as you drive the screw into the timber. There is no need to pre-drill even in green oak (some hard woods may require pre-drilling). The heads are virtually invisible once in place, it is the thread that ensures everything is tight, not the diameter of the head. The small cylindrical head neatly fits in the grooves on the board. The Torx T25 recess virtually eliminates cam-out and has greater transmission of torque. These screws drive as smooth as silk, for a fast and easy one-handed operation. Available in tubs of 250.


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